Willoughby Gallery 2017

 2nd December – 31st December   2017      Steve Brownhill

I love exploring the beauty of the great outdoors at magical moments when all is quiet and capturing it to share with everyone in a display of fine art. I will be showing photography from local inspiring landmarks to truly breathtaking locations around the south west and England.

Past Exhibitions

21st January – 7th February 2017  Budehaven Community School – ‘People and Places’


An exhibition showcasing works of excellence from the pupils of Budehaven Community School. Featuring outstandingly creative pieces by students from all year groups, employing a mixture of media to best illustrate their talents. All photography has been curated for presentation as one show which will run concurrently in the Blanchminster Gallery.


9th February – 21st February 2017  The Castle Archives Exhibition –‘The Life and Times of The Castle Bude’


The subject of the annual exhibition curated by the marvellous archive volunteers is The Castle Bude. A member of the team has developed a draft booklet detailing the history of The Castle and its occupants. The exhibition will bring this information to life by exhibiting associated photographs and artefacts currently held in the archive store.


24th February – 2nd March 2017                             Bude Canal and Harbour Society


The Bude Canal & Harbour Society present an exhibition of images and text relating to the Bude Canal Regeneration Project on the canal and its environs which ran from October 2007 to March 2009. PLEASE NOTE that the Exhibition will NOT BE OPEN on Sunday 26th February as the BCHS AGM Day takes place between 10 am and 4 pm.


 4th March – 30th March 2017                 Budehaven Community School  – ‘Tales from the Orient’


The artworks featured in ‘Tales from the Orient’ take their influence from the Far East. Born out of a print making, sea life Gyotaku workshop, the show has grown to encompass a wide range of techniques from paper cutting to digital manipulated imagery.


1st April – 27th April 2017                             A Collaboration with Irene Jones – ‘Not of our Time II’         


The second exhibition of a collaboration with Irene Jones, celebrating the diversity and excellence of 6 artists who live in or near Bude, but exhibit elsewhere.

Painters – John Bilsland, Kevin Hughes, Ric Hyde , Irene Jones , Jay Jones and sculptor of driftwood, Lynn Muir .



29th April – 18th May 2017                           Peter Stiles


Since leaving the Slade School of Fine Art in 1980, Peter Stiles has painted pictures which are based on the landscape of Welcombe, a village on the North Cornwall and North Devon border. This exhibition will also include recent paintings of Berlin and London alongside images of the Atlantic coastline.


20th May – 8th June 2017                             Sue, Tim and Ben Luxton – ‘TAKE 3’


Sue’s paintings are in oils, pastel and mixed media, full of colour and movement. Tim’s ceramics show a great sense of design and colour whilst Ben’s sculptures are dynamic, often humorous, reinventing everyday objects to challenge perceptions.  This is the first collaborative exhibition to feature the works of all three artists.


10th June – 29th June 2017            Jen Dixon – ‘Excavation / Exploration’


Often intimate, sometimes playful, these revealing pieces strike a contemplative connection between artist and viewer through colour, shape, and words.


1st July – 20th July 2017                 Mike Hindle – ‘Early morning’


A collection of paintings looking at light as the sun first rises, casting shadows and creating glowing colours

22nd July – 10th August  2017       

A Collaboration with Chris Edwards – ‘Look… then look again’

Chris Edwards, Elaine Nash, Clare Catt and Liane Tancock share how they see and interpret the places and things that most fascinate them. They hope to engage visitors in fun activities that will challenge their ways of looking.



12th August – 31st August 2017                  Sue Read – ‘The Sea and Me’


A year’s study of one beach through it’s seasons. Discovering colour, movement and expression, inspired by Joan Eardley among others.


2nd September – 21st September 2017    Stuart Thorn – ‘Scilly to Orkney’


Recent paintings and drawings of the Islands and the Coastal and Industrial Landscapes of Cornwall.


23rd September – 12th October   2017      Bude Art Society


An exhibition of works in different media and on different subjects by members of the Society – all local artists, beginners to professionals, who enjoy an artistic challenge!


14th October – 2nd November  2017           Dave King and Jonathan Wickers – ‘Continuing Journeys’


The paintings in this exhibition are a consequence of our ongoing commitment to abstraction.  It is a journey into the rich language of non-figurative art and offers rewarding opportunities for experimentation and innovation.

Each painting can be likened to a ‘stop off’ on a journey of discovery – a journey to an unknown destination’.


4th November – 30th November 2017      Christian O’Reilly 


Local furniture maker.