Avril Sainsbury – Cleaner Seas Group

Avril Sainsbury – Marketing Director, Cleaner Seas Group


Many of you in North Cornwall will know Avril Sainsbury as one of the founding members of Greener Bude and many other local environment projects.  A competitive sea rower she is keenly aware of the negative environmental impact plastic pollution is having on our oceans and waterways and jumped at the chance to brand and manage the marketing for the Cleaner Seas Project in 2013.  Her involvement in organising the Bude Wave Conference in 2016 for the Project has taken her on an ever growing journey to tackle plastic pollution and more specifically microplastic pollution.  

But why don’t we let Avril introduce herself … 

In 2019 the Cleaner Seas Group was created by Avril and five other individuals, James Sirmon, Dave Miller, Heather Sirmon, Michael Klosowski and Graham Skelton, each on a mission to rid the world of microplastics in our rivers and oceans. 

So what is the problem we are facing?  Well, up to 700,000 plastic microfibres are released into the waste water system every time you wash your clothes. There is estimated to be 1.4 million trillion microfibres in our oceans and they are believed to be one of the biggest plastic polluters on our Planet.

Plankton which are at the very bottom of the food chain are eating these microfibres. Scientists are now focusing their attention on how plastic particle ingestion may affect human health.

Here’s the lovely Avril to tell you more….