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Biodynamic Gardening – An Introduction


Founded in 1924 by Austrian philosopher, Rudolph Steiner, biodynamic farming and gardening are considered to be the oldest forms of ‘green’ food production and indeed, the forerunners of today’s organic movement.  Organic and biodynamic practices are based on similar ideologies in that chemicals, antibiotics are GMOs are never used, however biodynamics goes one step further. Biodynamics is often thought of as ‘organic plus’ in that it adds metaphysical and spiritual elements to organic practices. In so doing, the importance of the transformative nature of food is realised and maximum health and vitality can be achieved.  To create this, biodynamics uses various, specifically prepared composts and manures to add life to soil, along with herb and mineral preparations which can also be used to ward off disease and increase strength and vitality.  The lunar calendar is also referred to as a guide to specific planting and sowing activities.  In this way, biodynamics becomes an ongoing dialogue with the whole of Nature, embracing the forces of heaven and earth, and is so doing, it can never just be a means of maximising food production.

As the Biodynamic Association explain, “We consider the land we steward to be an ecological web of biodiversity; our role is to nurture this and help it reach its full potential, whilst balancing the needs of farming and growing with those of the natural world.”

So, turning our attention specifically to biodynamic gardening, the Biodynamic Association says,  “In essence, biodynamics is all about tuning into Nature’s rhythms, and encouraging a ‘mindful’ holistic approach to your garden. It’s about taking time out to look, listen and learn from your garden and to discover what works best for it.   Biodynamic gardening, we believe, creates both personal and environmental health, vitality and wellbeing through living in symbiotic harmony with your garden and nature and thus bringing rich, long lasting rewards for you and your planet.”

If you’d like to find out more about biodynamic gardening please have a look at these introductory videos by biodynamic gardener, Clare Hattersley.  The Biodynamic Association have also launched their own inspirational new Gardening Club available for everyone curious about the biodynamic approach and  its practices.  Feel free to explore more at  or email the Biodynamic Association at