Bude Fish Ready for Nominations




Have you discovered the “Bude Fish”? This seemingly inconspicuous fossil has huge historical value and has been nominated for Object of the Year 2020! As part of the Cornwall Heritage Awards.

You can vote for the Bude Fish here:

Did you know the Bude Fish is on display at the heritage centre? Come along and see this unique fossil, the only one to ever be found in the world!

BBCs A History of the World commented on the Bude Fossil “In the 1930s, the remains of a fossil fish were discovered in the unique Bude Rock Formation. The fossil was classified as a new species and named Cornuboniscus Budensis. Sardine-sized, [4-7cm] and armed with razor sharp teeth like a Piranha, Cornuboniscus Budensis probably fed on little crabs using its needle-like teeth to pierce the crabs’ shells.

Bude’s fossil fish is found nowhere else in the world and what makes it even more unique is that is has only ever been found in one bed of rock 1300mm thick and in only one location in Bude.”

During February Half Term, The Castle Bude will be running free fossil activities on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11-12, where you can discover more about the #budefish and lots more!

Get your photo taken with #budefish and help bring this incredible piece of history to life, tag us in your photos and vote for the fish! #CHA2020

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