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Josie Misick  – Lecturer, University of Westminster and Environmental Artist



Last year you may remember that our Willoughby Gallery housed the fabulous recycled festival flag artwork of Josie Misick, entitled “Oceanic Travesties’. Josie, a university lecturer in fashion business and environmental artist, explains in the clip below her research about these flags.




Since last year, Josie has been working on a Textiles project about a Honduran environmental activist called Berta Caceres, who campaigned for her Lenca tribes people and was sadly murdered. The statistics relating to the murder of environmental activists in 3rd world countries is horrifying. Josie has created a portrait of her surrounded and inspired by traditional Honduran textiles designs and colours. Her face is green to capture her environmental credentials, and her hair on fire representing the burning forests she was trying to protect from illegal logging



Title of Work

Berta Caceres – Environmental Activism  


Printed Silk and Cotton Calico fabric artworks, with bamboo poles for hanging.

Further Details  

Berta Isabel Caceres Flores led an environmental fight in Honduras for her Lenca indigenous peoples, campaigning against illegal logging and the building of hydroelectric dams that threatened their lands and traditional way of life. 

Caceres was assassinated in 2016, along with hundreds of other environmental activists in third world countries also murdered by corrupt governments, the military or avaricious corporations.

Josie adapted traditional Honduran weaving patterns using indigenous flora, to frame Caceres with their colour and vibrancy. Capturing Caceres spirit, determination and her green persona, with hair alight representing the burning forests in the face of overwhelming odds. 

Different fabric bases transfer her life’s mission, not obliterated, forgotten or destroyed; her legacy lives on as the fight continues.   

Dimensions & Instructions for 2 Fabric Hangings

2 Long Portrait printed fabric hangings  (1 x silk and 1 x calico) – 55cms width x 90cms height each 

•  Both are attached to a bamboo pole at the top, that can be hung on each end from a wire.

•  These are to be hung together, with the silk print hanging directly in front (approx 10-15cms) of the calico print

•  The silk print hanging has no bottom pole as it is supposed to flow freely in front of the heavier calico hanging which is more rigid

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