Mark Berridge

A Welcome From The Castle Manager

Mark Berridge 


Hello One and All,

Welcome to our online Bude-Stratton Heritage Festival, our second online festival this year. I hope you find our programme of events both interesting and entertaining. Our Heritage Officer, Janine King, has worked really hard and done a fantastic job curating this event. I know she will be thrilled for you to spend some time reading and watching the activities and if you learn something new about our wonderful community, then that alone will make today a success.

It has been a difficult time over the past few months for everyone in our local community and all around the world. We have all had to adapt, change how we do things, grow in confidence and begin to emerge from our great hibernation as restrictions are lifted. As we start to get on with daily lives again, we find ourselves slightly changed from the collective experience, some positive and maybe some negative. Relationships may have become stronger at home whilst those with work colleagues need to redevelop. It is the learning from what has happened and moving forward to make the future better is what is key now.

This moment in time will become history, what happened in March and April already is! It will be recorded and stored and what we all did will be woven into the fabric of our heritage. In the future people can look back and see what happened, what we did, how we reacted, how it affected us all and most importantly, learn from the mistakes to make a better future.

I always think history is like a multitude of very long road maps. Like an atlas of the world, a continent, a country, all the way down to a localised map, all telling a similar story but concentrating at different levels. Roads maybe travelled by a collective of people or a bridle way by just one, they may twist and turn, but eventually, they all get to the same point which is now. All these meandering paths are as equally as important as the next, even if they are negative or positive and it is important to remember where and how they started out and what happened along the way. It is the roads that have been travelled that has lead us to this point and they should not be forgotten as we would not be where we are now without them. Learn from our successes and failures so we can shape stronger and brighter tomorrows.

Celebrating our heritage and remembering our history is so important at a local level and that is why the town’s heritage festival is so valuable and should be cherished. Stratton is our oldest seat and so much happened there before Bude even came in to being. Stratton and the people who helped it thrive shaped the future of North Cornwall. Its success enabled Bude to grow and prosper so the two areas are intrinsically linked. Bude-Stratton came together and has grown, developing on what has gone before.

We should not only look at and celebrate those of notoriety who have lived in our community but at everyone who has contributed and has woven a thread in the tapestry. A simple gesture of kindness from a person down the street might have meant so much to someone that it resulted in that person achieving a simple goal. In turn, this goal might have changed someone else.  How we interact together, how we build a thriving, caring community is the foundation of our heritage. That’s why today we celebrate what has made Bude-Stratton great, put a spotlight on what we continue to do and maybe set goals to add even brighter, stronger threads to our collective fabric.

Please enjoy what we have to offer today and a great thank you to all those who have helped and contributed to the day.

Mark Berridge
Castle & Community Manager