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Peter Clayton

Online Exhibition 

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We were excited at the prospect of exhibiting local Bude artist, Peter Clayton for the first time here at the Castle in May of this year.  Unfortunately, events have over taken us, however we are thrilled that Peter has agreed to exhibit with us next year in the Willoughby Gallery, thereby  ensuring that Bude will finally get a chance to see his fantastic work in situ.

In the meantime, we leave you with a little explanation from Peter about his most current work.

“My recent paintings have consistently focused on the manipulation of figurative forms to create complex, contrasting and ambiguous compositions. I have also combined elements of landscape in the treatment of space and colour to provide a variety of opportunities to explore and experiment with light, shadow and spatial depth. The North Cornish coastline has been a consistent inspiration for my work throughout the years and it’s shapes, contrasts and textures have formed the backbone for a lot of creative decision making. In this collection of paintings my aim has been to produce a set of unique variations based on a consistently creative exploration of both figurative and landscape tradition. ”  Peter Clayton