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The SEA LIFE Trust – The Cornish Seal Sanctuary, Gweek

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This is Ray.  He lives at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary down the road in Gweek. Last year we were honoured to be joined by Alex Pearce from The SEA LIFE Trust who gave us a wonderful insight into the running of their Sanctuary and an introduction to all their fantastic inhabitants.  
The Sanctuary is home to a variety of marine mammals, each with their own individual care and medical needs. As Cornwall’s only seal sanctuary, the Sanctuary has always been a strong advocate for protecting both marine mammals and our oceans, and use the seals as key ambassadors for their important educational message. 
It costs £23,000 a month for their dedicated animal care team to feed, provide daily care, vital medicines and equipment to the Sanctuary’s residents. In a normal year, the Sanctuary would welcome over 100,000 visitors through their doors in order to raise the revenue needed for this care.  Like many charities, The Cornish Seal Sanctuary have faced worrying concerns as to how they will continue to care for their animals during the extended Covid-19 closure. In the 60 years of the seal sanctuary being an animal rescue facility, they have never had to close their doors for such a long period of time. 
If you feel you are able, please help them get through this incredibly tough time by donating to the Sanctuary’s appeal at Even a small amount would go such a long way in helping to protect the animals and the Sanctuary, which has been a such a huge part of Cornwall’s heritage for so many decades years.




Or perhaps you’d like to help them by adopting one of their beautiful residents ….