The Battle Of Stratton

The Battle Of Stratton

The Battle of Stratton

The Battle of Stratton took place on the 16th May 1643. Vastly outnumbered, the Royalist Army led by Sir Ralph Hopton managed to defeat the Parliamentarians to help secure Cornwall for the Royalist cause. The Sealed Knot has a long association with Stratton, staging re-enactments and other commemorative events. Carl Beeson of the Sir Nicholas Slanning regiment tells us more about how it all started. 

In May 1977 about a dozen members of the Sealed Knot Society met in the Tree Inn, Stratton.  Amongst them was Derek and Maddy Carter, Kim Thomas, Alan Wicks, Nigel Column, Richard Webb and joined by the Stratton Town Crier.  They were there to celebrate the Battle of Stratton. These people feature in the painting by the famous artist, Robert Lenkiewicz, painted in the 1970’s which know hangs on the first floor of the Heritage Centre within Bude Castle.

The Battle of Stratton actually culminated on Stamford Hill on the outskirts of Stratton, in May 1643.  

In the early 1970’s this event was remembered by the Town Cryer.  The good news of the King’s victory over the Parliamentary traitors was announced around the town at various times by the Crier.  Also coupled with the statement “That there was to be Dancing in the taverns and fighting on the hill” but after a few beers this developed into, “We’ll “Fight” in the taverns and dance on the hill.”

In May 1978 the first re-enactment of the Battle of Stratton took place and to date every year since either a battle and/or Memorial Service has been held. The battle has been held at various venues in Stratton or Bude and the service always held at the Memorial on Stamford Hill. 

In 2001 due to the Foot and Mouth epidemic the battle was not allowed on the chosen venue. To keep the tradition of a “Battle” a cricket match was arranged between the Royalists and Parliament on Summerleaze Beach, Bude and maintaining tradition the King’s representatives won.

Written by 

Carl Beeson, Sir Nicholas Slannings Regiment of Foote, The Sealed Knot Society