Yvette Curtis – Wave Wahines, Plastic Free Periods


Yvette Curtis –  Founder of Wave Wahines CIC and Environmenstrual Ambassador

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Wave Wahines is a girls’ surf club based just over the border in Croyde, North Devon. Wave Wahines isn’t just about surfing, it also promotes female empowerment, nature connection, community bonding and fitness.  In addition, one of the club’s most important projects is the promotion of ‘Plastic Free Periods’.  Since setting up the club, Yvette has trained as an Environmenstrual Ambassador, and now works to promote ‘Plastic Free Periods’ in her local community and beyond.

Here she tells us a little bit more about the project and how all of us ladies, can help to reduce our environmental impact on our world  …. 

And here’s a little bit more about the Wave Wahines in case you’d like to pop up and join them …